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My Firsts


Today, I experienced a lot of firsts for 2012.

First time for me to reflect on how my life would have been if I hadn’t met Fil.

First swim this 2012 with Fil and Randolph at qc sports, followed by a hearty lunch with them and Derrick.

First time for me to have my iPod touch exchanged for a new one that will come to me in one month’s time — its button is hard to press and it is still under warranty.

First time to accept Fil’s offer to lend me his iPod touch while waiting for the new one.

First time to tutor my grade one students for more than two hours — I forgot to teach something that’s supposed to be part of their Chinese exam tomorrow, so I crammed it in their heads. Our normal Chinese tutorial sessions last 30 minutes to one hour.

First time to dine in Chicken Charlie this year.

First time to attend cell group this year.

First time to hire a professional artist to make a logo. I will share more about this when I have the result 😉

First time to feel envious about the fact that most of my cell group mates will go to Hong Kong tomorrow and we can’t go with them because of schedule conflict. 😦

First time I encounter the verse James 4:3 in my devotion. It says “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

And that made me realize how selfish I am in my prayers! Well, I hope that God will correct me and teach me how to pray correctly.

A picture of our cell group, taken last December 2011


The Martha in the Power Camp


I’m a self-confessed Martha. When it comes to organizing events, programs and activities for Jubilee Evangelical church’s Power Camp, my being a Martha is quite obvious. I want to work, work and work some more, and see to it that my closest companion (which is my husband Fil) do the same. I find joy in working for the Lord. For me, my ministries are not a burden at all. Sometimes, I am so into things that I demand others to do the same and I feel bad when they don’t.

Our camp this year was held in Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay. We had 50 delegates under the leadership of Hansen Ngo. Our speakers were Rev. Reuel Tica and Rev. Dr. David Cheung. The theme? Semper Fidelis: always faithful.

Camps are like family vacations. Even when you see your church-mates often, it is still recommended that you go on trips together — to bond more, to create memories and to give special time for building up your relationships. For church camps, there is the added bonus of growing spiritually and learning more facts about what we believe in.

We organized a mystery party for the first night. It was hilarious to see everyone dressed up, trying to guess who committed the crime.

Anne Mariposa planned our group games during the second day — all indoors and yet, fun, fun, fun!

I learned how to play the wolf/villagers game in our camp during free time, and I want to specially mention Will Tan for introducing it to us.

I learned that the excellence the world demands for a particular task is applicable for both Christians and nonChristians. For example, in a singing contest, Christians will not be granted special favors to become champions. Though Christ is with you, there is still a standard of excellence that humanity follows. Being excellent in whatever we do is part of our duties as a Christian. We are making our Master happy when we use our talents wisely.

I also learned that the true test of faith is when we fail. Will we still be productive like Joseph when we are unjustly imprisoned? Will we still obey God when we are rejected by our family and friends?

Lately, God has been impressing on me (with the use of the people around me, and with the use of power camp) that I should learn to be still. To do nothing and simply wait and listen. I need to learn how to accept Fil for what he is and learn from him. He is such a fun-loving, laid back guy who, produces great outputs once he put his heart to it. In his own time, given a free reign, he creates great and meaningful works. Yes, he procrastinates, but his creativity is boundless and his intelligence is topped with a good heart and an approachable personality.

I wish to be more social and friendly like Fil. I want to be still and to relax, to stop rushing other people for my benefit. I want to spend more time with God and develop relationships with fellow Christians. I want to be more like Mary but still retain my Martha personality.

The camp was just four days, but it rebuked, refreshed, and renewed me. I came out feeling closer to my church-mates and loving my Jubilee family more.

I hope that if you are a young professional affiliated with Jubilee Evangelical Church in any way, you’ll consider joining our camp next year. If you are part of another church, I hope you will support your church’s camp by attending it. Retreats will give you time to reflect (call it a spiritual check up) and will hopefully get you back on track.