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January 27, 2013


April 10, 2011 dream


I was a friend of a princess and she broke up with the prince and the prince took a fancy to me. 

Then I told the prince I didn’t want to stay. I wanted adventure so off I went to another land. 

In the other land I acquired two new cats and was trying to go door to door to see if they have previous owners. 

Then I arrived in a huge compound (similar to where we lived in the past) where all the people in there have one or two pets. They were having a pet party! I quickly let go of my two new pets and started searching for my old ones… Couldn’t find them!

Went to the back door, opened the door wide and shouted their names. “litmus! hershee! Freud!” and other animals (not them) poured in side the compound. 

I welcomed them in, and I heard enemies who are about to approach. I quickly ran in and told everyone to get ready for an attack. 

Then I was in the prince’s room (which suddenly became part of the scene). I hid in his tub, and pretended not to be there when enemies barged in. They threatened his life and the life if his parents –with guns and all, and I woke up. 

This was my April 10, 2011 dream