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Hurray for Happy Thai


The Day After Valentine’s


Have you ever had a day like this?

Adam and Eve

830am: Fil picked up teaching materials from Cubao

9am: client meeting in McDonald’s e. Rodriguez

1030am: travelled to Laguna with Fil

1230pm: got slightly lost

130pm: arrived in the destination parking. Rain started pouring.

135pm: hiked to the lake.

150pm: on a raft to the middle of the lake. Eight lady rowers to help go against the water current

2pm: Lunch of tilapia, gjnataang hipon, and elsaladang gulay. Sun came back.

3pm: photo-op. Fish scale got stuck in my throat — made me uncomfortable.

4pm: drank water from a real Spring water flowing from the mountain side.

410pm: fil took a quick dip in the lake. Very scary.

430pm: rowed by the women back to the shore. It once again rained.

445pm: fil paid php1100 to cover for lunch, souvenir items and tips.

450pm: rain ended.  hiked back down, stopping to take some pictures along the way.

510pm: on our way back to Manila.

630pm: arrived in Batangas and stopped over for rest room break.

640pm: ate bread that helped remove the scale that was stuck in my throat.

8pm: arrived in St. Paul in time for me to present my report

9pm: class ended. Sir Eudy said I have just raised the standard for the class (woot!)

930pm: arrived in Thewi Thai for foot spa

1045pm: went back to McDonald’s e. Rodriguez to meet with another client.

1230am: arrived home. Prepared for next day’s work.

2am: slept–finally!

No wonder I got sick today! 🙂


here a video of the place we went to :