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The Day After Valentine’s


Have you ever had a day like this?

Adam and Eve

830am: Fil picked up teaching materials from Cubao

9am: client meeting in McDonald’s e. Rodriguez

1030am: travelled to Laguna with Fil

1230pm: got slightly lost

130pm: arrived in the destination parking. Rain started pouring.

135pm: hiked to the lake.

150pm: on a raft to the middle of the lake. Eight lady rowers to help go against the water current

2pm: Lunch of tilapia, gjnataang hipon, and elsaladang gulay. Sun came back.

3pm: photo-op. Fish scale got stuck in my throat — made me uncomfortable.

4pm: drank water from a real Spring water flowing from the mountain side.

410pm: fil took a quick dip in the lake. Very scary.

430pm: rowed by the women back to the shore. It once again rained.

445pm: fil paid php1100 to cover for lunch, souvenir items and tips.

450pm: rain ended.  hiked back down, stopping to take some pictures along the way.

510pm: on our way back to Manila.

630pm: arrived in Batangas and stopped over for rest room break.

640pm: ate bread that helped remove the scale that was stuck in my throat.

8pm: arrived in St. Paul in time for me to present my report

9pm: class ended. Sir Eudy said I have just raised the standard for the class (woot!)

930pm: arrived in Thewi Thai for foot spa

1045pm: went back to McDonald’s e. Rodriguez to meet with another client.

1230am: arrived home. Prepared for next day’s work.

2am: slept–finally!

No wonder I got sick today! 🙂


here a video of the place we went to :


Hi Everyone!


Welcome to shandawanda — Shanda’s good deals. I was an avid journal writer before I met my husband, Fil. Since then, I have had several attempts to start writing again, but it was hard to write to an imaginary person when there is actually someone you can talk to. Reading my cousin’s blogs made me realize how much I missed writing, so I’m committed to giving it another try. With the help of my iPod touch, who knows? Maybe blogging will stick to me 🙂