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God’s Will or My Will?


Please help me on this. How do you know if something ‘amoral’ is God’s will or your just your own will?

Supose you are studying music for masters and are currently working in your family business, doing various jobs. One day, relatives from another city invited you to work with them as their resident conductor, and they will even provide you with training and all. Though your relatives assure you that this can be short term and that you can still work with your family, you clearly see that they weren’t thinking about that concern at all and were more eager to see you work with them (which is something you also like). Your heart tells you that helping your relatives is a wonderful avenue to practice what you are studying and will provide valuable training, but you also see a possible conflict in schedule and priority that will affect your work and relationship with your family (which is something you don’t want to let go).

Working with your relatives is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon, but it feels like the devil’s temptation. Ultimately, how do you know what decision to take?

I am currently facing a similar dilemma now? And is unsure of what the will of God is.

Using the illustration above as an example, will it actually matter to God where you work or where you serve Him? Is this oportunity from the Lord? Will God want you to take the opportunity or will God want you to stick close to your family?

Is God using this situation to teach me how to resist temptation or is this a blessing from him that I should accept?

Looking for the perfect handbag


(photo taken from purseblog)

One accessory that I never leave home without, is my bag. Ten years ago, I couldn’t care less if the bag i was using was new or old, cheap or expensive, clean or dirty, original or fake. A bag used to be something you just put your necessities in. Kind of like a laundry basket or a shopping cart.

Now, everytime I meet up with a client carrying a sporty backpack or a cotton bag i just bought from SM, I feel inadequate. Let’s face it. We judge the book by its cover, and what we wear is a big part of it!

Here now is the gist of my dilemma. I want to buy a sturdy, classic bag I can use across time and season, fitting almost all types of outfit, with the least possible cost. Can anyone suggest a good brand, whether local or foreign?