I’m a self-employed educator, events host, performing artist, wife of Filbert Uy, Christian, Filipino of Chinese descent, who created this blog site in an attempt to write about the good deals I experience in life. Let this be a testimony to my heavenly Father. Stuff posted here may not necessarily be good in your opinion, but i will still try to find something good to say. Well, call me optimistic πŸ˜‰


I will also add some slum book information here, that you might find interesting:

Church: Jubilee Evangelical Church

Ministry involvement: Sunday School, church choir, praise and worship, church events and retreats.

Ministry outside church: conducting and singing for The Covenant Singers, sharing the gospel when opportunities arises

Biggest flaw: selfishness and lack of consideration for other people’s needs and wants; insensitive

Biggest asset: ability to think fast, and creatively

Dream job: to organize events and games, similar to amazing race and other travel or games related matters; to own an events place

Name of my Husband: Filbert Amory Uy

Job of my husband: Photographer, Events host, singer, educator, business owner of Rhyme Lab Learning Center (tutorial center of ICA and Xavier students)

One major thing about my husband that I’m grateful for: He cleans the poop of our four baby cats

One major thing about my husband that I should learn from: His ability to talk to everyone. His brings fun and enjoyment wherever he goes. Parties are more boring without him.


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  1. ohh shanda go ahead do you remember this name: Ahmed i studied with you at aiep institute in baguio miss you and your husband that funny man filbert


  2. Thank you for sharing…I am Chinese from Hawaii. Your blogs are interesting and very informative. I am trying to plan a trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma for this December. I was in your country in 2008.


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