The Price of a Beautiful Room


Starting our homeschool journey is harder (and more costly) that I thought. Our current set up is this: we are renting a place in San Juan for tutorial business and home- first floor is our public place, second floor is our private home. Now there is a room (added much later than the rest of the house) that we previously used as another tutorial room, but water seeps through the walls, making it damp and musty, despite constant patch work and fixing. 

With the room currently unused, we want to maximize it by fixing it up and using it as a classroom or a rehearsal studio. I asked my friend to take a look at it. He measured it and gave me a workshop drawing with estimated cost of more than P200,000 (roughly $4,500)!

I didn’t realize it would be this expensive. It would be really ok if the property is actually ours. But since we are merely renting, I really have to think twice. 
I was so pressured (and thankful) with the positive reviews and inquiries from parents about my homeschool plan and the possibility of opening it up to 3 or 4 more students, that I was beginning to feel stressed out about the time frame I set for myself. It is now February, and I have to come up with the funds for the renovation, do the actual renovation, and begin preparing for my curriculum. Will everything be ready by April 10?

Then, another thought came to mind. Why do I have to start on April 10? Hahaha 

So now, while we are figuring out how this renovation thing goes, I will simply move my school calendar to a later date. And yes, I will accept students to go along with Skye for four days a week, with Mandarin and English as the main medium of teaching. 

Here is my new calendar (from Tuesday to Friday), open to 3 or 4 additional students age 26months to 36months by June:

  • First Quarter: June 19 to August 18
  • Second Quarter: August 28 to October 27
  • Third Quarter: November 6 to December 15
  • Fourth Quarter: January 8 to March 9

I researched about the current preschool price in Quezon City, and have decided to just follow how they charge their students (on average). I am actually not earning too much for this. It’s more like paying myself salary to teach everyday and for the materials that we will use. Oh, and hopefully, cover some of the renovation cost 😉

  • Enrollment for one quarter: P18,000 ($360)
  • Enrollment for one semester (June to October or November to March): P32,000 ($640)
  • Enrollment for one school year (June 2018 to March 2019): P60,000 ($1200)

Is this reasonable? What are your thoughts about this?

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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