Instead of doing another Thursdate food crawl in the Maginhawa – Teachers Village area, Fil, my sister-in-law Katrina, and I went on a Friday night. The area was crawling with people! For us to actually consider eating in a restaurant, our main qualification was the availability of parking. Thankfully, we came across this tiny restaurant with just that.

The place looked cramped from the outside, but it was designed stratigically inside. We had the entire mezzanine area to ourselves!

We were the only customer that evening (around 9pm). They didn’t have a printed menu, and we ordered almost everything that was written in the see-through glass panel by the kitchen area. After a short wait, our food began to arrive one at a time, everything Mexican!

We actually over ordered because the price range was affordable. I wanted to try them all! The food met my expectation. Beef brisket burrito for the win!

Total food bill: P880 (roughly $18)

Treat your friends here on your birthday. This will fit the budget of a college student. 


116 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Quezon City

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