International Burgers, What Are Those?


One Monday evening after music rehearsal, we were driving around, scouting for a new place to try, and came to pass by this. What’s so international about burgers, one may ask.

The place was clean and empty – it was a Monday late evening after all — so we decided to take a chance. With us was our friend and Monday roommate Aila.

I got really excited when I saw their menu. Not cheap, but would it be worth it? They were serving third pound burgers in different style, according to the country of your choice! For some reason, the three of us ordered European burgers: French, Italian, and British. The portions were huge, the sides were overflowing. Their presentation was impressive and got me excited. Yes they were all delicious except for the French one. It was weird for me — the Gruyere cheese was too overpowering that you could hardly taste the beef. I loved the Italian most. It tasted familiar, like meatballs or pizza in burger form. 

Filbert also tried out their Salted Caramel Twix Milkshake. What a presentation! It was predictably sweet, haha!

Our total bill, inclusive of service charge, was P1122 (around $22). Not bad at all.

Yes,  I think if friends want to try this out, we would happily go with them and try the other burger styles from other countries as well. 

International Burger Co

Unit 6 Citiplace Building, J Abad Santos Cor. Lopes Jaena st., Little Baguio, San Juan

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