Catabolic Cafe


Our second food establishment to try in our food crawl was Catabolic Cafe. Located in the same area as Happy Tummy, this was actually our second option — the restaurant we really wanted to try was on the above floor, and the elevator was broken. 

Cozy, with a hint of personality, this seemed to be a nice place to hang out with friends.

I find their menu pricey, so I only ordered something I haven’t tried before: bibingka waffle. Fil ordered their Kimchi friend rice. Both tasted good. I just wish the bibingka waffle was crunchy instead of soft and so bibingka – like.

For drinks, we tried their VCM- virgin cucumber melon mojito and iced mocha. The VCM was really delicious. Worth going back to.

After our meal, I wanted to try their dessert, but again, I find it a bit expensive, so I settled for a piece chocolate chip army cookie — cookie bomb — campfire flavor. Tasted good but expensive (again) as well. This was too good that I only paid Fil a lip service, asked if he wanted to taste it, then proceeded to finish it all by myself. 

Our total bill was P790 (roughly $15). I think the expensiveness is understandable because they are VAT-registered, legit, and all.

Catabolic Cafe

22 Malingap St., Barangsy Teachers Village Westm Quezon City

Tel. No. 3668822

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