Hurray for Happy Thai


Some of you know that Thursday night for Fil and me is considered our #Thursdate — we try to dress up a bit, go out and experience the joy of togetherness once more, as if we were still merely dating.

Last Thursday, Fil brought me to Maginhawa-Teacher’s village area. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of food establishments there — themed establishments, burger joints, coffee shops, casual carinderias, quirky places, etc.!

Parking was a problem, but nevertheless, Fil and I went around the food zone several times, to relentlessly check out the establishments on his short list (based on online research).

On a whim, we settled on Happy Thai.

Several reasons, for despite Fil’s research, something kept on pulling us to the place. It could be the lack of customers in the resto compared with the other establishments beside it. Or if could be the call of the bagoong rice. It was just a happy coincidence when we found out that Happy Thai is similar with Happy Tummy, a food establishment in Baguio that we have been wanting to try for quite some time.

The price — not bad. We ordered to our tummy’s content without second thought:

First, we ordered Fresh Spring Rolls and a pitcher of Tamarind Juice. Then we ordered the mains: Pad Thai, Bagoong Rice (carbs galore!), Beef Curry, and Chicken Pandan

The rice looks small in the picture, but we couldn’t finish it all. We brought half of it home. Other than that, the rest of the dishes we ordered were small in size. The beef curry had too many eggplant — something I do not eat, but something Fil enjoyed. The winners were the Pad Thai and the Chicken Pandan. The chicken tasted weird — in a good way! I guess my palette was just not used to eating Thai food.
Yes, we were so very full, but I still wanted to try their dessert. We ordered Ta Ko, a coconut based dessert.

Our meal was so quick as though we consumed everything in one big gulp. The food was good, and we were sort of rushing because for the first time, Skye didn’t interrupt our meal time. By the time we finished eating, at around 9:30pm, the place was filled with customers!

My handsome date πŸ™‚

Total meal cost Php1,090 (roughly 20USD). I was so satisfied with our experience that I asked Fil if we can do a food crawl every Thursday, trying out all the restaurant in this area.

After our yummy dinner, we went to the University of the Philippines (UP) campus ground to walk a bit. Walking for more than one kilometer lessened the guilt of overeating πŸ™‚

Trying to convince Skye to pick (and pass the entrance exam of) this university πŸ™‚

Hopefully, we can go back to the area and discover other nice places to visit πŸ™‚

Happy Tummy

22 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

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