Books to Read with Infants


I want Skye to grow up to be an avid reader, like me. So, as early as a few weeks old, I had been reading to her already. Now that she’s almost six months, she enjoys our reading time. Books can calm her down, or make her laugh. There are books that bore her and those she still can’t appreciate. 

These are the books I have in my library that I read to my baby girl. Except for the two Kindermusik books, I bought everything from our local second-hand bookstore: BookSale.

I placed them in several categories, which also served as my qualifications when I look for books to read with babies.  

A. Books that teach babies how to pray: I wish to instill the habit of talking to God as early as possible


The book mentions several body parts, senses, and thanks God for each one of them.

This picture was taken when Skye was four months old


This book is interactive as well. It encourages the reader to touch the animals and feel their soft fur.

B. Books with lots of baby pictures: babies love to look at other babies! This will help them read facial emotions as well.

  • BABY, BOO!

This book has a mirror on the last page, which will make the reader part of the story as well. 

This was taken when Skye was still three months old


Similar to the previous book, this one explores the concept of peekaboo.


We began reading this book when Skye was five months old. I usually use this when I’m multi-tasking. I will be watching TV, and she would be looking at the pictures, left and right, left and right. She would compare the two pictures and turn to the next page when she had her fill. 

C. Educational Books: I am still on a lookout for more books like these. I am just making do with what I currently have. Most of the educational books I find are for older kids. One thing to watch out for when buying books for babies (and toddlers) is the font of small letter a. Ideally, it should be the comic sans a, not the Times New Roman a.


I really had no intention of buying her an ABC book. Babies obviously cannot read yet. However, I wanted to start voicing the letters out for her. To my utmost surprise, Skye found this book very interesting. She learned how to turn pages with this book. This book is also small enough for me to bring outside.


I just go through the signs when we read together. My baby still doesn’t understand anything from this book, but I am the one learning from it.

D. Books with song or sound effects: I love these books most! Babies usually smile with these type of books.


My all time favorite. And it is small enough to bring out too! This is also interactive, for it encourages readers to try the sounds out. 


Skye finds this book (song) boring. While in the middle of the story (verses), she would look away, or attempt to close the book. That means, it is probably serving its purpose well. I just need to schedule a better time for reading it. 


This was one of my earliest books. Even when she still couldn’t see, she could still enjoy the sounds and the sensation of my diaphragm moving. 


We are just beginning to read this book. Skye doesn’t understand the humor of this type of peekaboo yet. But she does appreciate the various animal sounds. 

E. Interactive Books: books that will make the reader participate, by touching something, or saying something back. Some books in the other category falls on this category as well. 


The reader can feel the birds, flowers, rain and rainboots. Plus, mommy gets a hug in the end. 


There is an indented shape in every page that the reader can trace. At first, I had to force Skye to point her finger (this skill is still far from her current physical development), but after several tries, she can now understand what to do every time she sees that part of the book.

To those who haven’t tried reading to babies, let me give you some words of encouragement: If you can just make them stay still and focus for at least three seconds, you win!

                  The more you read, The more things you know.

                  The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go.

                                                                      – Dr. Seuss

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