Hot Box Kitchen


Unless ministry or occasional client meeting gets in the way, Fil and I strictly maintain the sanctity of our #Thursdate. We started this tradition just three years ago, when we realized that living with relatives and the extreme lack of privacy were  ruining our romance. 

Last night, Fil decided to bring me to Canada. He brought me to Hot Box Kitchen.


The establishment was simple and cozy. Fil and I haven’t been to Canada, but being there reminded us of friends who have migrated to Canada (hello Art and Karla, Haydon and Anna, Edgar and Elaine, etc.!)

We found delight in witty menu items and ordered comfort food: Cheddar-Beer Mac& Cheese, Fried Chicken and Waffles, Yam Fries, plus two drinks.

The drinks came first, followed by the yummy yam fries. If I could, I would come back here every week just to have these fries!

Mac & Cheese came next — with real Canadian Bacon, ha-ha!

The chicken dish came last. It looked too good to eat. It was my first time to try savory waffles, and I found the taste peculiar. It became less weird for me when I dipped it in the maple syrup.

In the middle of our meal, we got to chat with the owners Evan and Michelle. They were really from Canada, and the restaurant is turning one this October 2016!

We asked them, why the name Hot Box Kitchen? They explained that they make their sausages and bacon from scratch — no artificial preservatives. They also shared that the restaurant is only open Tuesdays to Sundays, 4pm to 11pm because they want to spend quality time with family. What an admirable trait. 

Evan let us try their candied bacon. It was surprisingly good!


To satisfy our sweet craving, we decided to try their Calgary Stampede Style Fried Oreos. Not bad, not bad at all.

For the quality of the meal, the general ambience, and the quantity of food we consumed, the total food bill of 935 pesos seemed reasonable.

We asked ourselves, will we ever come back here again? Skye’s face in this picture should give you our answer:

Hot Box Kitchen

450C P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila

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