The Dimsum Place


I have been quite busy attending to several things lately. My apologies for not making enough time to write. 

Fil and I were quite curious about the establishment The Dimsum Place for quite some time now. Since the government declared September 12 a holiday, we had the opportunity to try this place out.

At first glance, everything looked affordable. We were quite hungry so we ordered a lot. These were the things we tried:

baked barbeque pork bun was the only item we ordered that I didn’t like.

their steamed vermicelli rice roll with shrimp was to die for!

xiao long bao was not bad

I normally do not eat beef balls… it reminds me too much of you-know-what. but this one, was exceptionally good!

The crispy fried noodles with beef was served with not enough sauce. The staff provided more when we requested.

We were quite full and a bit over our budget when we mentally calculated how much our total bill would be. However, we couldn’t help but try out their milk jelly. 

To our delight, it was similar to the milk pudding we encountered in Hong Kong and Macau! We will definitely come back to this establishment because of this particular dessert.
Our total bill was around 850 pesos. Expensive in Manila, but reasonable if you compare it with Hong Kong dim sum. 
What’s your favorite dim sum and where do you usually buy it?

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  1. Tried out their Fairview Terraces and Fisher Mall branches (used to frequent the latter back when I worked near the area), and yes – their dimsum items are affordable. 🙂 Also a fan of their rice bowls, especially their Taosi Fish Fillet Rice. 😉

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