Sossy Instant Noodles


I am not a fan of pre-packed cheap instant noodles. However, necessity forces me to consume them: it is cheap, easy to prepare, and readily available. Fil and I usually have a stash in hand, ready to be consumed when post-midnight cravings and hunger pangs arise. 

My mother-in-law abhors instant noodles. Like any sane person, she thinks they are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients harmful to your body. I even read a letter from her (to Fil), admonishing him of eating too much noodles (when he was still living with them). She even accused Fil of poisoning their house help because Fil shared his stash of noodles to her. 

I was pleasantly surprised when one day, my own mother presented a box full of instant noodles imported from Hong Kong. “This was from your mother-in-law,” she said. Hmm… How can that be? It was a pasalubong from them to us, and it was the best instant noodles I have ever tasted.

Friends, family, now you know. If you happen to be going to Hong Kong, please find try this one out. If you like it, don’t forget to buy us some. 🙂

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