Magic Green Capsules


Chinese tradition dictates that new mothers eat “rich” types of food after giving birth. As part of zuò yuè zi (坐月子), not only was I not allowed to take showers, I was also encouraged not to drink plain water. I had to endure daily liters of plum tea and hot chocolate, as well as hefty servings of black chicken, boiled pork knuckles, fish soup, and pigeon, to name a few. These food were believed to restore my worn out, post-pregnancy body to its original health, and also to aid in producing more milk for my baby. 
After that first month, once my milk supply was established, I was considered good to go. I could start eating normally.
How then did I ensure that I have abundant milk supply? By constant feeding and pumping. The more I pump and fed my baby, the more milk I produce.
However, there is a magic capsule all nursing moms can take to increase milk supply: The Malunggay!

A friend gave me two boxes as a gift. It works so well with me, that one pill a day almost doubles the volume of my milk production. I produce so much I have to stop drinking it when I need to go out the entire day. Put this image in your head: a fat cow with leaking udders 🙂 

One acquaintance tried it and said the malunggay capsules didn’t work for her. 

How about you? Do you know anyone who tried it before? How was it? 

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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