Making Babies… Gingerbread Babies!


Months before giving birth, I was already planning for something to give away to friends and loved ones who will visit us in the hospital when the big event​ occurs.
After nagging Fil to find me an easy to do recipe, he came up with the idea of making gingerbread babies. Upon research, he found the recipe of the gingerbread baby that starred in Jan Brett’s book!


All we needed were the following: flour,salt, baking soda, ginger, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, egg, butter, sugar, mollasses and vanilla extract. We found them easily in the grocery store. 

Next, we needed to make sure we had the following: fully functioning oven, cookie cutter that’s shaped like a person, rolling pin (any clean glass bottle can replace this), and baking sheets.

I obviously made more than one batch 🙂

For the icing, Fil found a simple sugar recipe online– we simply mixed powdered sugar and water until we got the consistency we desired. We placed it in a piping plastic, and we were good to go!

You could tell we went a bit overboard thinking of creative designs for the babies.

Result: yummy and crazy looking 🙂 

Did you ever think of doing the same? 

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