Essential Must Haves for Newborns with No Yaya


My husband and I are first time parents, and we were really adamant about not hiring any yaya or nanny for our newborn baby. Both of us share the burden of taking care of our fragile little girl, and the items listed here have been essential to our survival for dealing with our newborn Skye.

1. La-Z Boy — This was where my baby and I spent most of our time: rocking, nursing, and falling into sleep while nursing. Yes, I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me how unsafe it was to fall asleep with a newborn while nursing, but it was truly the only way the three of us could get a good night’s rest. The La-Z Boy was quite comfortable though, and it could recline fully, as if I were sleeping with pillows under my head. I would also like to believe that I didn’t put my baby into a life-threatening situation, primarily because the seat won’t allow me to toss and turn around. I just needed to turn her head after every feeding session. 

thank you Uncle James and Auntie Michelle for lending this to us

2. Baby’s Journey Bathing Hammock — this is not essential in other peoples’ lists. However, it made it to ours because bathing a newborn was scary! This foldable hammock made it less so. Water would simply pass through the net and prevent drowning. We also felt confident in leaving the baby in the hammock for just a few seconds to reach out for soap or towel. More than that, we became more confident in bathing her alone. 

3. Buzz B. Nail Trimmer– this was our best buy, hands down. Newborns normally need to wear mittens because of sharp nails Being born in a tropical country during the height of summer, it was uncomfortable for Skye to do so. She would kick her socks off and flail her arms up and down. With this nail buffer, you will not be afraid to trim your baby’s nails even when it’s dark or when she is moving about. I use mine daily, often while nursing. Thankfully, I can continue using it until my baby is above one year old.  

4. Safety First Travel System — My husband researched about it and decided on investing in a travel system instead of a separate car seat and stroller. What a good decision it was. Despite being a newborn, Skye was often out with us. The smooth transfer between car and stroller saved us from a lot of hassle (waking up, strapping in again…etc).

5. FosBaby Wireless Monitor –While our newborn was asleep, Fil and I could sneak down to have a quick meal together, and leave our baby by herself. We would watch over her via this monitor. This monitor can move around, zoom in and out, talk back, and see in the dark. Our devices have access to the monitor. Presently, we use it everyday to keep watch during her nap time and our work time.    

thank you Uncle Sherwin and Aunty Elisa for this gift

Other helpful things:

1. Medela Breast Pump — Two lactation experts from Providence Hospital (where Skye was born) told me to alternate feeding and pumping to produce more milk. What I would often do was to pump until all milk seemed to be gone, and then nurse my baby, making her feed on mostly the hind milk. Because of this, I believe that my body felt the baby’s the need for more milk, so it kept on producing more. What it didn’t realize was that I nurse her almost exclusively and just donate all my pumped milk! 

our friend Virginia and my mom pooled their resources to buy this for us

2. Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker — Skye would be contented to be left here for a few minutes, enough time for us to grab a quick meal together. We also used this for sunbathing, to help Skye recover from physiological jaundice. 

thanks Bryan and Guin for this gift

3. Uratex Safe and Clean Infant Sleep Positioner — we were not extra vigilant in burping our newborn baby girl, so she often cried because of gas. We placed this elevated foam between us, and this helped us lessen her colic cries. It was said to also help in preventing flat head syndrome. This made co-sleeping with our newborn safe giving her a familiar bed at home and out of town.  This also made our constant feeding and nappy changes more convenient.

4. Medela Softcup Feeder — this was harder to use that regular feeding bottles,  but I was adamant in not letting Skye get used to baby bottles (jealous mother syndrome). To relieve me from pain, Fil would sometimes feed Skye using this. It was often war time during the father and daughter sessions, but Skye surely did not go hungry.

What was on your newborn’s essential list? Do we have similar items?

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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