Victoria Peak on New Year’s Eve


Last January 31, 2015, Fil and I decided to go to Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. With January 31 being sort of a holiday and not to mention almost six months pregnant, we decided to avail of the services of Klook. 

We availed of their Peak Tram/Sky pass package for 83hkd per person. I paid online so our hkd on hand was untouched. A Klook guide met us in Central MRT station exit K to accompany us to the peak, thus keeping us away from long lines.

we arrived at our meeting place early, to eat in the park and enjoy the cool December weather.

that was our guide, gathering all those who availed of their services

following the sign

they showed us the best route to take from the mrt station to the peak tram station

almost there

other tourists

aaaand we are here!

we went out of the mall to explore one of the many walking trails

photo op on this dark and quiet street

our first time to come up the sky pass

a quick ride back to the city

This service is so worth it. Highly recommended!
Klook website

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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