Travel Tips for Pregnant Women


I was on my 25th week of pregnancy when my husband and I travelled to Hong Kong for some serious R&R . Being in Hong Kong, even rest and relaxation involved walking all around town, shopping, and visiting tourist sites and theme parks. Here are some preparations that seriously made it a breeze to travel with a bun in the oven.

  1. Shopping with a small trolley
    All the things we bought were placed in a four-wheeled suitcase, thus relieving me of additional back and shoulder pain. The small size made it convenient to tug along even on narrow escalators and in tight spaces. Bringing a suitcase was inconvenient in places with stairs; however, my macho husband took care of that problem for me.
  2. Bringing a walking cane that doubled as a seat
    This saved my life. I used this literally everywhere – queuing for the washroom, cashier, grocery, food establishments, and theme park rides; not to mention being able to sit while browsing for books and clothes. I was able to sit any time I felt tired. Disadvantage: you will be missing one hand to do other things, and in my case, I kept on hitting other people with it.
  3. Having at least two pairs of comfortable shoes
    I learned this from my friend Michelle, and it certainly is true. Even wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes every day will hurt your feet. Alternating between two pairs of shoes though, will change the pressure points you are stepping on, thus establishing a feeling of “renewal”.
  4. Excessively planning our itinerary
    This is a personal choice I make every time I travel to different places. But now that I’m carrying extra weight and that I get tired easily, I had to deliberately choose the “path of least walk”. Convenience and comfort over cost and value. For example, we knew that staying in Causeway Bay is far more pricey than staying in Mongkok or Tsim Sha Tsui, but since most of the places we would be visiting would be in the HK island side, we opted to rent an apartment in Causeway Bay that is only two minute walk from the MTR station. When we visited Ocean Park for example, I researched in advance and plotted the best route to take, to avoid crowds and the unnecessary attractions. Remember: path of least walk 🙂
  5. Bringing my Mustela Instant Comfort Legs
    I get cramps often, and aside from taking my vitamins, eating banana and drinking milk, I also had my husband massage my legs daily with this product. It really helped alleviate the discomfort.


There you have it, my five tips for travelling moms-to-be. Please leave comments and suggestions if you have more things to add to my list. Happy travelling!

January 04, 2016IMG_1999


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