Grieving Freely


I’m grieving, and I think God is too. What is Right is now screwed up. If someone has strong Convictions, that is now interpreted as close-mindedness and bigotry. The God that made a nation great is now being persecuted in that nation. The killers of 9-11 succeeded after all. 
There is a cycle I noticed when reading the bible: 1. Oppressed men seek help from God. 2. God shows compassion to the men and give aid. 3. Men enjoy God’s blessings 4. Men begin to think they’re better than God 5. Men begin to forget God and sin. 6. Men suffer the consequences. And it goes back to the very beginning and repeat again and again.
In the past, I couldn’t understand why this unending cycle kept on happening. Didn’t the people ever learn from their mistakes? It was until recently that I realize that this cycle continues even until today.
What we have vs what God offers:

  1. Our stubborn hearts vs God’s infinite patience
  2. Our pride and selfishness vs. Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross
  3. Our “do what you feel is right” attitude vs God’s standard of righteousness
  4.   Our vengeful and unforgiving hearts vs God’s infinite grace and mercy

My love for my fellow man is warring with the righteous anger I feel about man’s indifference to sin. It is true that what is right is not always popular. But it should not stop us from doing what is right.

picture borrowed from the FB page of The Covenant Singers

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