Five Hats, One Weekend


A break from my China adventure story.

This long weekend, May 1 to 3 of 2015, Filbert and I were stretched to our limits, and we owe it to our Strength-Provider for managing to do everything well.

Performer Hat

The first hat we wore was our performer hat. We went to Fernbrook Gardens to host the royal wedding of a church mate. We arrived 230pm to rehearse with the musicians, and left 10pm when the party was over.

Their Royal Highnesses, Michael David and Anne Yee !

Their Royal Highnesses, Michael David and Anne Yee !

Server Hat

The next day, we left the house at 6am to go to Valenzuela. The Covenant Singers, our singing group, partnered with a local Valenzuela church, to minister to their neighborhood children by feeding them, both physically and spiritually. We told stories, sang songs, played games and served food.


Worshiper Hat

That afternoon, Fil and I had a rehearsal with the 1st Sunday Music team in Jubilee Evangelical Church. The next day, we were in church before 7:30am. We led praise and worship for three worship services, and marched to the song “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


from Left to right: Jen, Micah, Orton, Charlie, Kurt, Me, Fil, Hem

Conductor Hat

That same Sunday morning, I also met with Jubilee’s newly formed youth choir. We had a fun time learning songs, doing sight-singing drills and vocal exercises. I found the group’s pace of learning slow, but they are surely improving.


Moira, Diane, Audrey, Vanessa, Jelliza, Sandra, Nathan, Kyle

Friend Hat

To cap our weekend, we watched “Kansert”, a fund raising concert, to support our friend Steven Conde. His sister-in-law is fighting cancer and this is his way of helping her. Fil and I rarely watch shows, and we really enjoyed ourselves that night. Pop and musical theater artists coming together like one big happy family, to show support for a good cause.

Team Vibe

Team Vibe

Cast of Kansert

Cast of Kansert

I can honestly say that I have neglected wearing my Wife Hat, Daughter Hat, and my other hats that long weekend, but I plan to put them back on soon!

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