My sept 26, 2014 dream


Fil and I were visiting someone in the hospital. Outside, I saw a Nun friend, approached her, and asked for a backstage pass to Eat Bulaga. She agreed to give my two.

Going back to the lobby, I saw an old friend, aunty Shiu Shiu, as I call her. We had a long hello and catch up moment.

Then I saw a group of people going in. It was my long time mentor’s (George) family. He was also there. I quickly kissed him on the cheek, saying hello.

They all sat down, as if in a meeting, with a chalkboard in front, filled with Chinese words. They seemed to be impressed with me when I read some characters out loud. “Lun-Nei-Tah,” I said. Luneta!

I began listening to their conversation, and realized that Fil was involved in their meeting. I heard one of George’s sisters saying “sorry we can’t afford it, you can just choose the second option.” Apparently, Fil was being offered a job as a tour guide, to bring their entire family somewhere far, for three months! I read the board for more information. Option one was about touring Europe from March to May, option two was just a day tour in Luneta.

I nudged Fil and we did our silent communication thingy. He suddenly said “Wait! I will recalculate.” Using his (pretend) mental abacus skills, he said, I’m ok with P28,000. Then while the family deliberated about it, I told Fil to include me in his package, and I’m even willing to pay for my own airfare to and fro, but they should shoulder the cost of travel within the three months in Europe.

Fil told them about it and before they could give us the answer, I woke up.


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