Our Guimaras Adventure


Guimaras: the land of delicious mangoes. It is such an easy place to go to, coming from Iloilo City. Together with my husband Fil, and our friends Dianne, Niki and Josh, we decided to go on a play-by-ear adventure to Guimaras after our Iloilo mission trip with The Covenant Singers.

From barangay Ortiz, in Iloilo, we took a 15 to 20 minute ferry ride to place we often heard about, but have not yet explored.

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Upon arrival, there were a lot of drivers asking around, and Fil made a deal with one of them, to bring us to Raymen Beach Resort, and to tour us around the next day.


Our driver was kind enough to bring us to a food establishment, allowing us to try a unique Guimaras fare: Mango Pizza.

WP_20140330_16_56_36_Pro WP_20140330_17_22_55_Pro WP_20140330_18_10_57_Pro WP_20140330_18_15_51_Pro

Raymen Beach Resort is quite nice. Good thing they have a room to accommodate walk-ins like us! The sand in the beach has a Boracay quality. Even when it was already dark, swimming is quite safe because the resort provided light, and the beach has a boundary line. We played Frisbee in the water to our heart’s content.


view outside our room :)

view outside our room 🙂



For meals, we ate at the resort’s cafeteria.


The next day, we decided to go island hopping. With 7107 islands, island hopping is the thing to do when you are in the Philippines 🙂

WP_20140331_07_47_26_Pro WP_20140331_07_57_31_Pro WP_20140331_08_05_20_Pro

First they brought us to a fishery, a facility where you can see various types of fish found in the Philippines.


WP_20140331_08_19_06_Pro WP_20140331_08_20_03_Pro WP_20140331_08_35_13_Pro



Then we went to Virgin Island for a bit of snorkelling, and Turtle Island to play with a sea turtle. A few meter away is a small cave. We explored it as well.


_MG_6328 _MG_6309 _MG_6324

WP_20140331_09_57_24_Pro _MG_6349WP_20140331_10_22_22_Pro


Afterwards, we went to a big cave and swam inside to take pictures. Quite an adventure because the cave was filled with bats and we could have stepped on bat dung.





_MG_6365 _MG_6382


After lunch back at the resort, the driver picked us up and brought us to see the light house. We explored the ruins and had fun posing for pictures.

_MG_6420 _MG_6455 _MG_6479 March 31, 2014_MG_6432_3_4 March 31, 2014_MG_6443_4_5 WP_20140331_14_08_17_Pro WP_20140331_14_16_07_Pro WP_20140331_14_02_01_Pro WP_20140331_14_33_43_Pro WP_20140331_14_32_36_Pro WP_20140331_14_32_28_Pro


Trappist Abbey was our next destination, we simply looked around and bought some pasalubong.

WP_20140331_15_42_01_Pro _MG_6498 WP_20140331_15_35_25_Pro WP_20140331_15_45_49_Pro _MG_6504

Finally, we stopped by mango sellers. The mangoes are quite expensive here, average of P100 (US$2.3) per kilogram! It was worth it though. It was quite delicious, and truly worth the cost.

_MG_6533 WP_20140331_16_05_00_Pro WP_20140331_16_11_21_Pro WP_20140331_16_11_43_Pro

As we travel back to Iloilo city, I couldn’t help but thank God for allowing us to enjoy this pleasant surprise. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure and we praise God for guiding us all the way.

WP_20140331_16_43_11_Pro WP_20140331_16_42_46_Pro

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  1. It’s great to travel and share experiences but please be more sensitive to the creatures you meet along the way. Specifically, turtles are meant to be enjoyed without being touched by our hands. I know it’s not easy to resist but there are other ways to enjoy them without causing them stress. Other than that, thanks for sharing the fun of your adventures with us! 🙂


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