My October 4, 2013 Dream


I dreamt about the upcoming moon cake dice game with my friends from The Choice (a musical play produced by a Chancel Repertory Theater). It was explained that the prizes for the game were for charity. A lot of things went wrong. First, the bowl was all wrong — way too small, like a Chinese soup bowl. Then, people weren’t listening to the rules. And in the middle of the game, I made everyone return their prizes so we can start all over again!

We repeated the game and everyone had a sarcastic comment after each turn. It was so bad that some of the ladies made lame excuses just to leave early. Then the scene transformed to outdoors. It was about to rain, and we needed to transfer the game and the remaining prizes indoor. And the people who were still playing just decided to distribute the prizes evenly among the remaining participants.

Talk about a bad night! What’s wrong with me?

This was the poster I tentatively made, my attempt to be creative. Hehe

To avoid confusion, the real date is on Oct 8, and price is P200. Hope to see my cast mates there!

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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