72 Reasons


Fil and I have been married for exactly 72 months, and here is a list of 72 reasons why I appreciate Fil

1. You clean the cats’ poo
2. You put my falsies on me
3. You take care of my mama and my siblings
4. You lead weekly devotion time with the teachers
5. You work hard from sun up to sun down, and beyond
6. You constantly improve yourself
7. You are humble enough to admit when you are wrong
8. You graciously accept apologies
9. You light up the room with your presence
10. You can talk to anyone
11. You easily forget
12. You know how to cook
13. You lose things less
14. You are a good teacher
15. You have a very good voice
16. You are very good in dealing with employees
17. You are loved by kids
18. You strive to be healthy and fit
19. You are tall, dark and handsome
20. You become more gwapo as you grow old
21. You learn from your mistakes
22. You don’t mind my clutter
23. You love cats
24. You are willing to try
25. You are getting better in Chinese
26. You baby me
27. You treat me like a princess
28. You crack the corniest jokes
29. You are very witty
30. You take awesome pictures
32. You host events very well
33. You constantly improve your leadership ability
34. You have a growing relationship with God
35. You get along with my relatives
36. You support my ministries
37. You drive me to places
38. You are very creative
39. You are willing to try out new things
40. You are a man of your word
41. You are yummy in bed
42. You keep me warm in cold movie houses
43. You are willing to go back to the car to get stuff I left behind
44. You say NO to my obscene requests
45. You constantly improve your listening ability whenever I rant
46. You put up with my desire to travel
47. You love me even when I don’t shower for days
48. You love me even when I’m fat and ugly
49. You encourage me when I need encouragement
50. You scold me when I need to be scolded
51. You pursue your passion
52. You love God more than money
53. You look dashing in formal suits
54. You taught me how to swim
55. You spellcheck my blogs and scripts
56. You open my car door
57. You let me be me
58. You abide by the law
59. You love me more than Hershee
60. You still hold my hands and show affection in public
61. You are improving your organizing skills
62. You are generous
63. You like changing clothes and taking showers
64. You give me monetary allowances
65. You are becoming a better driver
66. You are willing to work hard to provide for us
67. You can speak English really well
68. You love me enough to read JD Robb books
69. You have strict rules about not eating just anywhere
70. You are willing to play the “turtle game” with me
71. You practice “servant-leadership” and “sacrificial-loving”
72. You complete me






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  1. Hello achi and Ahya fil. Congratulations! I love you both. Happy anniversary, God has blessed you both with each other. I am happy that you got married to Ahya fil achi, I can’t imagine having anyone else as my Brutha-in-law.


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