My September 19, 2013 Dream


There was a rehearsal for The Covenant Singers at our house, and the room with filled with members, more than what we currently have.

After rehearsal, we all went out, the street outside our house transformed to the streets of Binondo. We began talking about the upcoming weddings, and after i asked Dianne about her engagement day, she said, “oh no!” And rushed back to our house, apparently looking for something. The rest of the group followed her back, and street children started talking to me, asking me for money. I tried to be friendly with them while denying their request. They said they recognized me from The Choice, blah blah blah… I wasn’t paying much attention to them. I just nodded along. Suddenly my eyes caught something glinting on the floor. It was a diamond ring! I immediately bent down to get it, before the children could even see it. Then I ran back home, ignoring the children’s calls.

I showed Dianne the ring, and she gave a big sigh of relief. She was fond of putting it in her left pinkie, and the ring was obviously not meant for it. She demonstrated it, and left it in her pinkie once more.

Then, Niki was about to get married also, to a member of the choir. And suddenly I realized, that everyone in the group was planning to get married! Oh no! Who will be left to sing with us?

Scene changed to Dianne’s wedding reception, and I met lots of old acquaintances there, including my former bosses, Teacher Eddie and Teacher Alice. Someone called me on the phone and I used my Bluetooth headpiece to answer back. Then I drove out to fetch the person (I forgot who she was).

While driving, my other phone rang. I answered, and it was another girl, accusing me of stalking her and following her car right now. “Stop stalking me!” She said, “I told you, I am not interested to join your singing group!”

I asked her, “sorry, who’s this?” And she hung up.

A few minutes later, my headpiece rang, and it was a guy named “Zachariah” on the caller ID. He said, “stop following us, and stop bugging my girl friend.” He hung up.

However, there wasn’t any car in front of me, I wasn’t following anyone, and I didn’t know who they were.

What a strange dream!


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