September 3, 2013 dream


Fil and I went to Malate, to one of the many coffee shops in the area, to meet up with our friends Bev and Dawn. They ordered food but no one ate. I told them about my favorite book series, the JD Robb In Death series, and they politely booed it. Jeff arrived and Bev asked where he parked his car, and when Jeff simply smiled, Bev said: “I knew it! Dapat sa may villa ka nalang mag-park. Mas mura!” And it was clear that no one in the table knew what she was talking about.

Fil went to another table far from where we sat and found Chris sitting alone. Chris invited Fil to go out with him, to show him something. It turned out that Chris got a white scooter/motorbike, and he didn’t tell the girls. Chris and Fil gleefully went around Malate for a spin.

Scene changed to a church rehearsal. Apparently, my Sunday wedding client required me to sing in their reception as well, and it was my one and only rehearsal with Toks and his band (not my actual co-supplier, but Fil’s co-supplier for his wedding client also on Sunday). The song was The Church’s One Foundation. They played it well, but I was quite unprepared. I couldn’t find the lyrics, I sang with the wrong technique — resulting in short breaths, wrong phrasing and flat notes.

Then I woke up.

Yeah, I’m quite weirded out about this too.


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