Causeway Bay’s IKEA and the Tofu Stores


One thing that made me look forward to visiting Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay is this: IKEA. The IKEA store at basement of Park Lane Hotel was not as big as the others, but it was perfect for a quick peek.


how I wish I could bring this home!


Do they sell sofa covers like this in Manila?


I lay on this bed, while waiting for Fil…

Fil and I went to Causeway Bay right after our delightful afternoon exploring the Mid-Levels Escalators. It was almost 530pm then, and there were a lot of Chinese tourists inside.

What I liked about their showroom was that you were free to touch the products and try them out. No one minded. A lot of people were lounging around the multitudes of sofas, resting their aching feet. If one had no shame, one could even lie down on the various types of beds and take a nap.

Fil and I got separated inside IKEA. He went to look for the restroom, and I continued my stroll around the store. It seemed like a long time had passed, and Fil was not yet back. No worries. Good thing we learned from our past experience, and got Hong Kong prepaid sim cards. We used it for internet, so we mainly communicated thru Messenger.


After going thru the entire store and paying for our purchases, we had to snack at IKEA Bistro. Yummy, yummy food!


grab what you want and pay at the counter


meatballs were puny, but the sausages were quite delightful


Cream Puff!

IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1720

We left IKEA past 7pm, and the streets were bright still – not due to the sun, but due to the colorful advertisements and street lights.


This was taken without flash. It was just bright despite the time of day.

IMG_1722 IMG_1725

We decided to look for the tofu place our friends in Manila told us about. I honestly thought this was it.


It turned out to be….NOT! And it was only here that we found out that they charged a minimum amount per table. Instead of storming out, like what we did during our Mid-Levels Escalators tour, we opted to brave it .


sweet soybean milk


salty, and in brown sauce soybean milk


savory spring onion pancake (I was actually expecting the thin version)


cold bean curd

IMG_1728 IMG_1734 IMG_1735

After a while, we walked some more, and found the real tofu store! Fil’s murdering glare could have killed me right there and then.  Still, I convinced him to try it out, and this time, it was very much worth it.


pan-fried tofu with fish meat, being cooked at the store front


soybean milk with ginger

IMG_1736 IMG_1757 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1753 IMG_1739 IMG_1741

their restroom is hmmm....

their restroom was hmmm….

Afterwards, around 9pm, Fil and I decided to split up. He was aching to go to Mongkok area for electronics, and I wanted to explore and shop around Causeway Bay still. For the first time in our trip, we deliberately walked our separate ways.

a very nice mannequin pose in Forever 21

a very nice mannequin pose in Forever 21

Price List of VIP Station

Price List of VIP Station


It was scary at first, but eventually, I got the hang of it. I remembered the recommendation of my friend who had recently visited HK, to visit Time Square’s Bazaar, so I tried to find it and I failed.


Current display @ Time Square

IMG_1769 IMG_1773

It was closed!

It was closed!

I ended up spending time in the bookstore, browsing thru books.

1,000 Basic Chinese Characters Chinese-English Bilingual Dictionary

It was already 11pm when I got back to our hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. At that time, Fil was not yet back. When he returned an hour later, both of us were hungry once more, so we decided to hunt for food in the nearby 7-11 store.

look at the convenient shots! (not that we tried some)

look at the convenient shots! (not that we tried some)

not as yummy as I thought

not as yummy as I thought

IMG_1796 IMG_1797 IMG_1798

I loved, loved this!

I loved, loved this egg sandwich wrap!


I appreciated the slightly sour tomato flavor of the ridged chips


Ham and egg sandwich


Eating in bed is something I can only do when out of town, so I gladly took advantage of it. That capped our extremely hectic day. More to come, more to come.

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