Tsui Wah Restaurant


A local favorite, Tsui Wah Restaurant was still filled with diners though it was already midnight. Fil and i went there not knowing anything about the resto, but because of the following: a. convenient location b. opening hours c. happy diners

one of the few restaurants open in TST during midnight

one of the few restaurants open in TST during midnight

In Chinese sense, this restaurant is categorized as fast food. Yes, food was served fast, but similar to casual dining restos, a server will approach your table, give you a copy of the menu, and take your order. Then you get your bill and present it to the exit counter, where you pay the lady.

We ordered two things only:


Vegetables with Tossed Noodles in XO Sauce


Mini Wontons with Shrimp Roe in Fish Soup

These are the actual pictures of the food we got:


For Fil, his food was not bad. He just probably didn’t realize he ordered a meatless dish, so he kept on getting my shrimp wontons!


I found this dish tasteless during my first few bites, but it grew on me, because of the good quality wontons and seemingly healthy-tasting fish soup.

We left the restaurant happy with our midnight snacks.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.tsuiwah.com/en

I got their flyer on our way out and scanned them for you. Sorry if the words are slightly unclear.

tsui wah 1 tsui wah 2

tsui wah location

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