Something often tugs me to watch Cinema One’s old Filipino flicks. Tonight, I happened to chance upon an old film called “Karnabal” starring Fernando Poe Jr., Susan Roces, Max Alvrado and other old timers. I’m not a fan of them, but I found the film captivating. It revealed an era in the Filipino society when speaking fluent Filipino was a must (as opposed to Taglish), when entertainment was simple: enjoying a town’s fiesta, serenading a girl, comedic fights, beautiful girl falling for a handsome country boy. The pace was slow, the acting was casually “put on”; the dubbing wasn’t perfect, but the artistry was clearly there. It was the era of cliche movies, and though its storyline was quite predictable, watching it made me wish I was able to experience the “good ol’ days” when going to picnics on a Sunday afternoon as a norm.

One thing I don’t miss at all, is the sound of the fake punches! 🙂






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