Hong Kong Again!?!


Fil and I have only been to Hong Kong twice since we got married (once with Fil’s mom and sister back in 2010, https://shandawanda.wordpress.com/2010/08/21/108/ and another with The Covenant Singers back in 2011).

Next week, we are going back again. There is something quite exciting about this trip. For some, Hong Kong seems so ordinary and familiar – a place you can easily travel to anytime you wish. For me, this is quite special because this is the first out-of-the-country trip Fil and I will take on our own.

I usually prepare for each of my long-distance trip as if it were my last, and this is no different. We purchased our ticket last April 2013, for P4,765 per person, excluding travel tax. I booked our hostel last april as well, for 450HKD per night. Since then, I have been downloading maps, MTR and other Hong Kong apps, as well as researching various food places, things to do and sights to see when in Hong Kong.

It will also be our first time to visit Macau!

In my prayer constantly are the following: a. good weather b. health (I don’t feel so well these past few days) c. budget

Let me share with you the Itinerary that I planned:


I hope that everything will go well. Please pray for us, ok? I will definitely write about our experience when we get back.

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