My July 11, 2013 dream


Fil and I drove mama to her new home. She lived in a small barangay in Quiapo, in the barangay tanod’s office. It was a small blue two-storey building, and she lived in the rundown room beside the tanod’s office. Her lock was faulty, so I donated my wristwatch to her, to serve as lock. Her entire room was blue, and messy. Clothes were hung all over the place. It has a small aircon and a big mirror. Overall, it seemed unsafe to both fil and me. However, my mom was super confident about the place. she thought that she was pretty safe, because no robber dared to rob her, and the tanod slept downstairs with his family at night.

I also dreamt that mama told us that Vance (my youngest brother who doesn’t get along well with her that much) slept at her place thrice a week.

Then I dreamt of waiting in the car when it started to rain. Fil volunteered to bring an umbrella! (This was definitely a dream because Fil never uses umbrellas in real life, except for his camera needs)

I clearly know where this dream came from. My mom will undergo a minor knee operation this weekend, and needs to be confined in the hospital. This is the way my subconscious showed that I want everything to be all right πŸ™‚


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