Dennis and Benet


Life is like stock market. You have your highs and lows, long term and short term investments, and even with the most careful studies, all seems so uncertain, with unforeseen circumstances.

In less than a year, two of my church mates passed away. One because of an accident, the other because of mental illness. Before I completely forget about them, I would like to tell the world how they have impacted my life.

Dennis was a very quiet person. He sold me my very first laptop, and helped me maintain it at a very low cost. He was an unassuming man. I remember spending one night with him in his office, trying to finish a video project for one of our church’s production. I remembered his corny jokes and his serious expression whenever he wanted to explain something important. He was someone who preferred to work in the background. God also took him back silently, like a leaf being swept away by the gentle wind.

Benet was an encourager. He would always have a friendly smile, a positive outlook in life. In choir, he would talk to me and express how much he appreciated my voice. He was the coordinator of the very first camp l attended in Jubilee. A week before the camp, when the registration was already closed, I asked him if I could bring two of my siblings and one friend to the camp. He agreed to it. It was in that camp where my companions got to know Jesus. During the last night of the camp, Benet, overcome with his emotions, gave me a hug. He cried, thinking, what if he didn’t agree to my request? –Then the three of them wouldn’t have the opportunity to believe. God had used him to bless our family.

I was definitely not close to either of these men. But in their own ways, they have managed to touch my life. I thank God for both of them, and am very sure that they are now enjoying eternal life in heaven.


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