My April 29, 2013 dream


I dreamt of climbing trees and mountain people chasing after me, catching me and stuffing my ears with pellets.

I dreamt of being late for a singing contest in Chang Kai Shek, of riding a helicopter in the shape of a pickup truck to go there, driven by Barnaby Shangkuan.

I dreamt that I sang 约定 in that contest, and a lot of things happened: my minus one was faulty, I forgot the lyrics, I lost my breath support, but I still won and moved to the next level.

I dreamt that I was one of the representative of our school in a group dance competition, also held in Chang Kai Shek. I was late again, and the helicopter had to bring me there. The person doing the briefing wanted to explain a lot of things to us, and was quite disappointed when we weren’t interested to listen. He asked for the forms we needed to submit for the competition, and I realized that I left them all in the helicopter/flying pickup truck. I went to the balcony of the building and Barnaby was there, hovering around that area, as if he anticipated my need. He threw my pink bag from the air to our floor. Good throw!

I performed in the dance competition together with other more experienced dancers. It was a semi-shadow dance. And once the screen was placed up, our group cheated and sneaked in more dancers, and even one teacher! We did our last pose and the final curtain fell on where I stood.

Then I woke up. Can anyone help me interpret my dream? Feel free to comment below.


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