I Heart Fitflop


I got my very first pair of Fitflop back in march 2010, upon a recommendation of a friend. I immediately loved it. I appreciated the fact that it looked nice, and yet it was ultra comfortable. I wore it abroad, walking more than eight hours a day, and my feet didn’t hurt (my legs of course got sore from all the walking).

That same pair is still alive today, February of 2013. Yes, I still wear it everyday, but it has been demoted to public slippers — something I would wear outside my room, but not something I would wear to a mall.

So, a couple of months ago, I bought another pair of Fitflop again. However, this time, I try not to wear it everyday, because I want it to last longer than three years. I find the design versatile enough to wear with a casual dress, a pair of pants or short shorts.

Oftentimes, when I have events, I would wear my Fitflop and just bring a pair of heels to change into. Last night, I changed shoes in the car, and tragedy struck.

In my hurrying to get down from the vehicle, the right slipper must have fallen down. Because after the party, only the left slipper is left, and its partner cannot be found anymore. It was a sad, sad night.

How I long for you, my Fitflop partner!


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