January 27, 2013


Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning at 7:45am. Uh-oh. my alarm didn’t go off. Fil and I were supposed to be in Jubilee by 8am! So we rushed and got to Jubilee 15 minutes late. Most of the people were busy preparing for the worship service when we arrived. We went up to the sanctuary for a quick sound check, before heading back down to have breakfast. There were a few minutes left before 9:30am, so I took that time to vocalize and review the songs. It has been more than a month since I’ve vocalized properly and hit the high B. Why aim to sing that high, you ask? Well it’s because my instrument needed to be warm before attempting to sing The Messiah’s Hallelujah Chorus 🙂




During the worship service, we sat on stage, behind the pulpits, facing the congregation. We all wore black to highlight our “torch-like” brooch. Come Forth As Gold was the theme of Jubilee’s 50th anniversary celebration, and today, we were celebrating the culminating event.

Devin led the praise and worship, and the choir backed him up. Four elders led the corporal prayer, and a special speaker, Dr. Peter Tan-Chi was the guest speaker.

The Lord clearly used them to speak to us. The songs of praise prepared our hearts. The prayers started our conversation with God, and the message was God’s response to all our questions.

Conviction. That’s what God told me. Pastor Tan-Chi used the story of Daniel and his friends as the main example. They chose to follow Jesus and do what was right, in a society where no one believed in the living God. They didn’t become “Convenient” followers of God–choosing to follow only when the society allows them to.

That message struck me deeply. It made me realize that I have been conforming to the pattern of the world without even realizing it. I unconsciously seek the approval of men more than the approval of God. I choose to obey only when it is convenient, when it is pleasing. I realized that despite serving Him left and right, I left out one of the most important part in a relationship: intimacy. Praying should be a delight for me and not a “waste of productive time”. Reading the Bible should feel better than talking with my husband. Worshipping on Sunday should feel like a weekly “date” with my Lord!

Pastor Helen Sia shared her testimony right after the message. Again, I was reminded of how faithful God is. Obedience to God is a true sign of faith, and He will faithfully fulfill all His promises in the Bible.



After the worship service, Fil and I hurried home to change to a “happier” attire before proceeding to Gloria Maris Greenhills, where we had our anniversary feast. The church board planned the program well. It was not dragging and we actually got to enjoy the food and fellowship.

The party ended around 3:30pm, so Fil and I rushed home to rest for an hour before going to Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant. Our client, Frey and Geo booked both of us to host their wedding. Their setup was quite glamorous. However, due to heavy traffic, we started the program late. People started having their dinner at around 8:45pm already. Still, we managed to finish the program by 10:15pm, with everyone still present.



We haven’t worked with incompetent coordinators for quite some time now, until this night. Let me just vent out my frustrations here, ok? Feel free to skip this section if you are not interested in the wedding industry.

1. We finished our sound check at around 5:45pm and asked for our food. Their staff told us to wait, because money is with another person in their team who wasn’t there yet. Guess what time the food arrived? 7:20pm, and guests were already there. All the suppliers haven’t eaten yet.
2. We started the program at 8:15pm, on their cue. But they didn’t coordinate well with the suppliers playing the video. there was supposed to be an opening billboard played before the newlyweds enter, but there was no technician in sight, and the disc couldn’t be found. We announced it, and had to made excuses for not showing it.
3. We finished the first part of the program and told the guests “dinner is about to be served.” the manager in charge of the food told me that the coordinators haven’t given them the food count yet, and were just counting it then! The guests had to wait a few more minutes before their cold cuts arrive.
4. I talked to one of the coordinating staff about it, and this was the gist of what she said: “in my opinion, the restaurant should have the food ready, based on the initial count. So there is no reason why there should be a delay in service.” (postscript: I conclude that these coordinators didn’t do their research about Chinese wedding receptions.)
5. There was no coordinator inside the reception all during dinner. No one assisted the couple to have their pictures taken. It was the photographers who came to me to ask what the couple wanted. I was the one who “coordinated” that part, because time was running short.
6. The second Audio-Visual Presentation was not ready again. We again had to make excuses for it.
7. I have never done this before, but in the middle of the program, when one of the coordinators finally showed up inside the reception hall, I told her “please Lang naman, paki ayus-ayusin naman ang trabaho natin. Two avps na ang na-late. Hindi na talaga pwede to. Paki-coordinate naman ng maayos.” (please, do your job well. There were two AVPs that were late. This will not be tolerated any longer. Do your job well.) I was really frustrated then. All the other suppliers were. I asked Fil not to talk to the coordinators himself, because I know he could speak harshly when provoked.
8. Oh, I forgot. When I knew we were going to start late, I told the coordinators to please assist and make sure things go smoothly, because I want to end this party by ten. You know what she said? She said “bakit, may lakad ka?” (why, you have to go somewhe else?” And “ah kasi Wala na sa contract mo?”(is it because it’s not part of your contract?). Those were valid queries but certainly not the point. Didn’t they research on how to do Filipino-Chinese wedding receptions? People leave when it’s late. Almost all programs end at around 10, because if you go pass that, people start to leave.
9. The restaurant manager told me, that one of the coordinators confirmed that they have food parade, and that it was written in the program. The manager double-checked the program and found out that it wasn’t a food parade. What’s written there was Parade of the entourage. She pointed it out to the coordinator, and the coordinator asked: “ano po yun?” (in this case, I believe it’s an inexperienced staff answering).
10. Major pet peeve: the boss coordinator arrived in the party only when it was about to end already. ‘nuf said.


The reception program turned out well despite all the setbacks, and we said our goodbyes around 10:20pm. Now, we rush to Oasis, to “drop by” MM’s debut party. We arrived there almost 11pm, said hello to everyone, and left with the last few remaining guests.


Fil and I, at 11:20pm felt tired and hungry, so we stopped by Ersao for a quick snack and the spa place beside it for a massage. Now, I am writing this to cap off this ultra hectic day, while having my aching feet pampered.


How was your day?

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  1. Uh-oh! That coordinator needs to enroll in our Wedding Planning Seminar!! PAWP will have on in April. hehehehehe =)
    Easy ka lang Shanda!!! You’re one of the best I’ve worked with. So easy, not a diva at all. Praise God for your talent and Fil’s too.


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