My January 24 dream


The dream was weird and vivid, so I have to write it here so I won’t forget.

I dreamt that I was locked up in a mental institution. I was perfectly sane, but somehow, people tricked me. There I saw my friend Maybelle and her daughter Sophie too! The wardens separated the mother and daughter, and I could feel Maybelle’s craziness coming out because of that.

I kept on trying to escape, but my wardens, Nenel Arcayan and Elizabeth Ty-Chua kept us in tight security. They kept on talking to me, trying to brainwash me by saying that all the medicine they were giving me were for me to get better, and that everything they do was for my own good.

Then one day, I finally had a chance to go out into the gardens. I ran to the gate and started climbing it, when several guards tried to pull me down. That was when I woke up.



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