Eulogy for My Baby


A decade of life well spent is better than a century of nothingness.

Freud was my baby. She was my BFF, my princess, and we called her Freudie-babes. She was named after the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, because I was still in college taking up psychology then, when our family friend gave her to me.


She was an odd-eyed cat: one eye blue and the other, yellow. She used to stick to me wherever I went: if I was in my room she would knock and insist to enter, and if I went to my parent’s room she would follow me there as well.

She slept beside me or on top of me.


One time, she caught a tiny mouse. So proud was she when she brought it up to our room to present it to me, her mommy!

She made a huge adjustment when I got married. For one, she had to share me with Fil! Then she had another sibling, Litmus. She was always jealous of Litmus, this I know. She would exhibit bouts of tantrums, and would refuse to sleep with us. She would pee in our room just to spite us, and pick a fight with Litmus when we showered Litmus with more attention. When our third baby, Hershee came about, Freud learned to adjust and make friends.


Freud grew fatter, and we all thought she was pregnant. But no, it was just body fat. Fil used to tease her and call her Porky-babes.


She started sleeping between Fil and me. She liked to curl under my arms, inside our blanket.


Litmus went missing, and Sam-Sam joined our family. Freud dislike boys, but learned to be tolerant of Sammy.


Freud made another adjustment when we moved to Greenhills, and acquired another boy, Juno. This time, they like each other. She has found a friend at last!

For quite some time, she was in a special diet, because of her urinary tract disorder.


She enjoyed eating, and would eat her sibling’s food when unmonitored.


She was a grumpy cat. She was a cuddly cat.

She liked to be extra clean all the time.

When the others were being rowdy, she would bite them. In fact, Fil and I were teasing and shouting at each other, she would bite either one of us. Friendly bite of course. 🙂

Today, January 22, 2013 — Freud died at the age of 11. Last night, she had a difficult time breathing, she didn’t eat or move much, and she felt cold. This morning, she found the strength to climb to our bed, in between the two of us, to wake us up. We brought her to the floor and hugged her tight. She said her good bye to us, took several heavy breaths, and passed away.

Freudy-babes, mommy and daddy will miss you very much. You have brought so much happiness to our lives.




(this was our last family picture with Freud, taken December 2012)

Last few moments with my baby Freud:




We love you, Freud!


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