Our Hendy Mitchel Experience


Getting pampered in the worst place is equivalent to torture.

I didn’t do my research, and that was why I bought four vouchers to Hendy Mitchel’s Cafe, Salon and Spa: one Lava Stone Massage, one Bentosa massage, and two foot spa with pedicure.

This was our very first agenda in Cebu: to relax and let loose. So, after leaving our things in Tune Hotel, we immediately took a cab to look for Hendy Cafe, Salon and Spa.

(notice how the cab had its meter displayed for his customers to see!)

The place was pretty easy to find, for it was located along a main street.


One quick look at the salon’s facade made me dread the entire experience. It looked like a salon that you can find in a busy market. Uh-oh.


There was a mini sari-sari store at the side, the lights were off, presumably to save electricity because there were no customers, and one of their staff was counting their cash using the coffee table for guests.

We were ushered to a small room with two comfortable chair — one of them slightly broken and had a big hole on its seat. Still, we took things in stride.


Next, attendants in casual clothing washed our feet and dried it with a damp towel (eww!).


Then they led us to a small room and told us to strip and wear a pair of shorts. The room had a similar set up with Thai massages in Manila: woven mats on the floor, topped with a mattress. However, their bed covers had designs and patterns that had seen the passing of time. Mine didn’t smell good, and same thing can be said of their pillows too. I touched my pillow, and it was lumpy — the stuffing was already separating. Kinda reminded me of the aged pillows of my youth.

I endured the bentosa massage — the massage was so-so. But halfway into it, I asked her to stop already — I am not a squeamish person, at least not usually, but I couldn’t take the dirtiness any longer.



Fil told me that after I left the room, they simply folded my shorts and fluffed the pillow again in time for the next customer to use it. On the other hand, his lava stone massage was not bad.


Now on to my foot spa with pedicure. It was ok as well. One funny thing though, Fil’s attendant put merthiolate/mercurochrome (reddish antiseptic thing) on Fil’s entire SOLE after his foot spa! Don’t know why they did that. I was just too funny 🙂

(not just pink toes, pink FEET as well!)

To the owners of Hendy Mitchel’s, I do not mean to make you lose more business, but if you keep this up, it will certainly happen.

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