Anzani, Anzani!


Our quick trip to Cebu was in the middle of my detox diet, and I needed to find a really good restaurant to make my “cheat” worth it. Friends suggested restaurants–local BBQ place, touristy Filipino restaurants, famous international street food, among others, and I searched online for information about them.

That was, until my aunt suggested that we try this place out: Anzani. A quick peek at their website hooked me. A more in-depth research by reading online reviews solidified our decision to try this place. Our expectations were high, and Anzani surely didn’t disappoint.

Anzani New Mediterranean Cuisine is owned by chef Marco Anzani. Hearing about his recent trip to Hawaii as Philippines’ representative to a culinary event made us even more excited to dine there.


We took a short cab ride from Hendy Mitchel’s to Nivel Hills Lahug. Along the way, we saw several Sr. Pedro lechon manok stalls with long lines! Apparently, Cebuanos really live how they cook their chicken.

Going back to my story about Anzani. The place had good ambience, with very well-trained staff. We were given options to choose indoor or outdoor, and we opted to dine indoors, to avoid smokers and to make sure we get good food shots.

They had four or five course meals available, as well as courses with wine pairing. We chose to simply order one watermelon shake, one ala carte dish — baby back ribs, and their “Special Six Courses and Pouring Wines Dinner Set ”

We unashamedly told our server that we would be sharing everything, and her answer was “we understand” — something that made us warm up to the place. She didn’t call us “cheapskates” to our face πŸ™‚

Our complimentary bread arrived while waiting for our orders: olive, tomato and Mediterranean bread.


My watermelon shake:


I will tell you what we ate based on what was written on our menu.


First course: marinated Norwegian Salmon in Rosemary and Lemon essence on Philo Pouch, paired with Apertif — Sprizz Venetian Drink Sparklling Wine and Aperol



It was a high-end dumpling that simply burst with flavors. Perfect! The wine paired with it was like a cocktail mix — and I cannot comment on it because I do not drink much. Umm, it tasted good, I guess πŸ™‚

Second course: baked spinach “Canelloni” with Wild Mushrooms and Cheese Fondue, paired with Prosecco — Villa Sandi D. O. C. “il Fresco” Italia

Was this champagne? I have no idea. But it tasted light and bubbly for us πŸ™‚



Third course: Fillet of Pompano fish, shrimps and fresh noodles served with sweet cherry tomato Compote, paired with white wine – Grant Burge Benchmark Chardonnay, Barossa Valley Australia



By this time, I had several small sips of wine already, and my face was quite red. I didn’t get drunk because kept on eating bread… Don’t let Fil tell you otherwise πŸ˜›



Fourth course, also considered as the main course: Escalope of Ostrich “Milanese” with cornmeal “polenta,” broccoli on lemon mustard sauce, paired with red wine — via Libre, Malbec, Argentina

I dislike red wine in general, but this one fit our food and made them juicier!



They also served the ribs here, and it was huge!


We didn’t like the ostrich much, though it was cooked splendidly. It didn’t feel like a bird, it felt more like a burger steak, in a weird way. It was probably just a matter of preference. The cornmeal felt strange as well, because we are used to eating mashed potatoes.


The ribs were excellent. However, I wished we didn’t order it, because I was exercising tremendous amount of self control, not to use my hands and clean the bones out. Note to self: no ribs in fine dining restaurants!

It took a long time and several pauses, for us to finish the main course. We decided to change the scenery and continue our last two courses outdoors.

Fifth course: “Taleggio” cheese served with pear and honey. This was paired with sweet wine Australia GOSSIP Rose Dolcetto and Syrah Sweet Lips

This meal was the only one for me that appeared to be really ‘bitin’ (portion served too small). It was so good that you’ll want more than just a bite. I love the wine that’s paired with this!





Sixth and last course: sorbets: Citrus Chef fantasy paired with coffee

How many lumps of sugar for your coffee?



The sorbets came in three different flavors: Dalandan, Ube, and Lychee

After our really fulfilling meal, we spent some time walking around and having our pictures taken, like real tacky tourists.





We asked for the bill, and found out that they honor Enjoy cards! We got 15percent off our total bill because of it. However, it was only when we got home that we realized that they charged us two drinks that we didn’t order. Bummer.


Spending Php2,735.09 for a meal as good as this was a steal. True, we do not know our wines, and couldn’t care less if they were served to us correctly according to the names I copied off their menu, but still, we had fun with them.

Anzani is such an amazing place. How I wish it is here in Manila so can bring all my friends and family members there for my birthday!

Side note: I received an email from the management and double checked my credit card slip. They charged me the correct amount but they gave me the wrong receipt! Good that the incident was clarified. Thank you once again, Anzani!


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