Leaving Manila, Loving Cebu


This blog continues my Cebu adventure story.


Is the comfort of flying business class or first class overrated? For short trips, like Manila to Cebu, yes it is. However, our free miles can only accommodate a local trip, so we grabbed this chance to try a first class trip.

Things we enjoyed because we traveled business/first class:
  1. Quick check in. There usually is a special lane provided for those checking in business class.
  2. We enjoyed the free-flowing food and drinks provided in Mabuhay Lounge. Our flight to Cebu was 1:45pm, and we had our “lunch” in Mabuhay Lounge, sampling various sandwiches, congee, salad, sushi, juices, among others.
  3. Spacious seats. There were more leg room and bigger seats that will fit someone twice my size.
  4. Flight attendants greeted us by name. Hello Mr. Uy, Mrs. Uy!
  5. We were offered drinks as soon as we sat down. And it was served in a GLASS πŸ™‚

6. We were served delicious meals (again?!) on board, and there were choices too!

7. Though ours was a domestic flight, there were available screens and shows to watch: One private screen per passenger!

We deduced that for our future flights, if it is for more than four hours, and if we can afford it, traveling first or business class is worth the money. But definitely not for a short one hour flight like this!

Where we stayed: Tune Hotel

Online pictures of Tune Hotel reminds me of Hotel Sogo buildings in Manila. But trusting the positive reviews from tripadvisor, and loving its site of being a few steps away from Ayala Mall Cebu, we decided to book this hotel.

photo courtesy of http://www.tunehotels.com

Tune Hotel is an ala carte hotel, and is perfect for people who need to stay in town for one quick evening before going somewhere else. It is also perfect for tourists who do not mind cramped spaces, and will only use the room to rest at night.

Being an ala carte hotel means you can choose the services you wish to add to your basic room. This ensures that you are only paying for what you need. Aircon, TV, Wi-fi, and toiletries are some of the options available.

Hotels like this are best booked in online booking site like Agoda. They offer special deals and packages that are better than booking directly on their main website. For our stay in Tune Hotel, complete with all the amenities, we spent Php1,400++ πŸ™‚

One thing I dislike about Cebu’s Tune Hotel was their security. Its Lobby was located in the second floor, but the elevators on the first floor could access all the other floors. To top it off, there seem to be no security people in the premises.



In my next two blogs, I will talk about the worst massage place and the best restaurant you could ever find in Cebu. πŸ™‚



For your flight needs in the Philippines, try Philippine Airlines

For more information about Tune Hotel Cebu, click here.



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  1. May number kaba ng local hotline nila? Laging di sila ma contact eh? How did you confirm your arrival with them? Nag book kami via agoda too but we were unable to contact the hotel. Some info would be appreciated.


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