Our Quickie Cebu Vacation: Overview


There were no plans to go out of town at all, not until I supposedly “won” a free three days two nights stay in Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu after enduring their 90-minute sales pitch.

Let me tell you, their offer was quite unfair. I tried to book our stay two months before, giving them three travel date options, and they said they were fully booked in all those dates — booked… ALL hundred plus Rooms?! They have another branch in Lapu-Lapu, and they told me they had no available rooms too, period. When I followed them up, they just ignored me. Hmph!

Pardon me for digressing, it has been a long time since I write my last blog, and I am quite excited to share once more.

Because I was quite confident we would get a free stay in Cebu, I booked our flight already. Using all my free Miles from Philippine Airlines, I booked Fil and I first class from Manila to Cebu, and economy class from Cebu to Manila.

To top it off, I searched for good online deals in Cebu, and I bought two one-hour massage and two foot spa with pedicure vouchers from Henny Mitchel’s.

It was wasteful if we won’t push thru with the trip, so planning it well was what I did. We have been to Cebu a lot of times, and most of them were because of work. Now, it would be for pure pleasure…just the two of us!

Here is what our itinerary looked like:


In my succeeding blogs, I will tell you what happened in our wonderful Cebu vacation. I can’t publish them yet because the photos are not ready šŸ™‚

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