Cu Chi Tunnels


This blog shows what to see if you visit Cu Chi Tunnels. This is part of the tour made by Vietnam Impressive for us. For more details, click here.

Entrance to the site — were they simulate your going down to another era in time.

This was were we listened to a brief video about Cu Chi -- the film was actually recorded during the war. With the VO awarding Vietnamese for killing Americans

This is a sample trap they showed us. 

This is the hole often seen in Cu Chi tunnel advertisements. It was quite small, so I was pretty surprised that Filbert fit.

When the lid is completely covered, you can really blend in with the environment.

This is an entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels down under. We just took the opportunity for photo ops 🙂

Here was where we tried, for the very first time, to shoot a real gun. Good thing we’re a group, because there is a minimum of 10 bullet rounds per purchase. We tried out the M16.

This is where we got to try entering the tunnel. It was scary inside and you needed to crouch down low. This will increase the empathy level of anyone who enters.

It was a really long tunnel, but we got out on the very first exit. Sissies.

Washed our hands in time for snacks!

View on our way back to City

This is a must see when you go to Ho Chi Minh. You can go here and tour on your own, but having a guide makes everything more meaningful.

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