Things to Consider When Touring Vietnam


This whole trip came about because of Cebu Pacific’s promo. I got a free one way ticket from Cebu Pacific because of my Citibank Credit Card application. We needed to use it, along with other Cebu Pacific GCs we got from HSBC promo, before they all expire. Fil and I chose the ‘cheapest’ out-of-the-country destination. Not only should it be cheap, it should also be a place where we haven’t been to, and a place that doesn’t require VISA from Filipino citizens.

We booked our trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and we spent a total of Php10,000 for both of us, inclusive of travel tax. George, my longtime mentor, also agreed to go with us on this trip. When I told my mom about it, she was also interested to join us, and she brought my sister, Elaine, along.

Our travel group

Since we do not know the language of the country, we decided to book tour companies for our everyday activities instead of doing a pure DIY tour, like what we always did in the past. In looking for the tours, these were the following considerations that pondered my mind:

  1. Do we go private, or is it ok for us to join a bus tour?
  2. There are tours that are cheap – around $10 per person, and there are tours that cost $60++ per person. Should we stick to the cheap ones or splurge a bit for the high-end ones?
  3. Is there a possibility that we can travel outside Ho Chi Minh, given that we only have four days worth of stay?
  4. How’s the English of our tour guide? It will really suck if we can’t understand a word they’re saying.

Turning to the ever reliable for help, I found what we need: unparalleled, unique tours that can only be experienced in Vietnam!

Instead of booking one tour company to show us the sights, I opted to try out different things:

  1. Half-day Cu Chi tunnel, and half-day City tour under Vietnam Impressive Travel and Events
  2. Mekong Local For a Day under Water Buffalo Tours
  3. The Foodie under XO Tours

Ouch on the pocket, I know, but very well worth it. In my next few blogs, I will tell you about what happened on our tours, and why each of them is worth every penny we spent.

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about our hotel: Bich Duyen Hotel

about our city tour: Saigon City Tour

about our Mekong Delta Tour: A Day as a Mekong Local

about the Foodie by XO Tours: An Extraordinary XO Evening

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