My Amazing Race Experience


Sorry, AIEPro for spilling the beans 🙂

Recap: Fil and I joined an English Camp in Baguio last March 2012, and one of our camp activity was to have an Amazing Race game in Baguio. It was quite simple, really, and all we needed to do was take a photo of our group doing the tasks mentioned in our list, with places and objects located all over Baguio. Sad to say, I have lost our group’s to-do-list, but because Fil’s camera was our group’s official source, I still have all the shots we took.

Rules that we needed to follow:

1. Each member must take turns taking the picture.

2. You cannot bring your own private vehicle.

3. Your entire team need to move together.

4. You have to be back on or before 5pm.

Our team was composed of Fil, Jah, Issa, Gids, Jonathan, Berlin and me. I believe Jah was our most valuable teammate because she knows her way around Baguio. We took a lot of time planning on paper, trying our best to solve the riddles and mapping the best route to take, in order to save time and money. By taking time to plan, she surmised that we could go to all our locations on foot!


First stop: BamBenny — this was just a few meters walk from AIEPro. We were tasked to pose as superheroes.

In a group like this, there will certainly be clashes and individuals with strong opinions. To give everyone a chance to shine, we decided to assign a director per scene. Obviously, the director is the photographer for that particular moment. In this case, Fil was the first director. Image

We headed of to our next destination, but we saw a pocket garden along the way, and couldn’t help it but pose. It was then that our theme was decided: team UNITY!


Ibay’s Silver Shop was our next destination. Our task is to pose as supermodels. Here, Gids took the lead.


Off to Baguio Convention Center we go! This place is usually closed ,but because they were preparing for an event, the place was open and we hurried on stage to have our Rock Star pictures taken. Berlin told us what to do.


Then came the hike up to SM Baguio, but not before stopping by Cory Aquino’s lifelike statue.

ImageJonathan took the lead there. Guess who I was portraying in the pic? 😛

Off we go to Henry Sy’s kingdom. Posing as birds in flight, Jah took our photo.


Then, things get rough. We were supposed to find an object of worship, with the given clue “holy grail,” and this is what we thought of. Issa, being a Muslim, opted to take the shot instead.Image

It was, however, not quite right. The right answer was supposed to be the cross inside the church.

We took a short break in Razon’s then off to work again.


Our next destination was Ukay-Ukay. Since it was my favorite, I decided to take the lead. I arranged for four models with the remaining two as audience. Ha!


We again went to the wrong place with the clue “brightest park in Baguio.” We thought it was Burnham Park, but it actually meant Sunshine Park! Nevertheless, here’s our picture of tribal dancing.


Afterwards, the group headed to the center of the lake to stick close to the ‘fountain of youth.’ I stayed behind.



By the time we ended this, we barely had time to visit the market for ‘edible curtains’. Our guess? Peanut Brittle. The correct answer? Longganisa!


We were so tired from walking all over town, that we took a cab to our next destination: Cafe by the Ruins. The cab waited for us while we took a quick shot, and brought us back to our dorm afterwards, only fifteen minutes before the deadline!


Our team won the game by default. It was quite anti-climactic really. The other team arrived around six pm, therefore, they were automatically disqualified. Elaine, who was in the other team, told me that they got lost often and the spent a lot for several cab rides. Their group won in the creative presentation contest held a few nights after, and we humbly conceded.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of racing against time, teamed up with people I barely knew. It was the first for me, and I hope that in the future, I can participate in such games again!

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  1. I’m glad we got to experience this although the clues were a bit confusing at times. Still winning after doing all that work is really great 😀


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