Teaching Tips for Sunday School Teachers


Fil and I recently got a wireless pocket Internet provider. I am clearly not a techie, I do not know what it is called, but what better way to celebrate than by writing a blog?

Earlier this morning, I attended a teaching seminar in St. Stephen’s Parish in Masangkay, Manila. Together with other Sunday school teachers from Jubilee Evangelical Church, we learned about a one week lesson called ‘One Way’. This module is said to be usually used for children who have yet to know about Christ’s love, and this material is created by Child Evangelism Fellowhip (CEF).


The seminar started late and ended late, which is pretty normal here in Manila. Some parts were a little boring, but like worship services with not so good speakers, God still used His people and His words to edify and make us learn something.

In this case, I learned a lot! And I want to share with you some stuff that you can use when you teach.

Lesson number one: when sharing the gospel to a group of kids, do not invite them to accept Christ in public.


Kids are easily influenced and sometimes they will say ‘yes’ just because everyone is doing so. The better option is to ask everyone to close their eyes and for those who wish to accept open their eyes and look at you. Then, have everyone open their eyes and inform those who responded a while ago to approach you after the session ends, or you can talk privately somewhere on the side. That way, you can explain clearer and make sure that their decision is more real. You didn’t scare them to saying yes, pressure them in repeating the prayer, and give them a false sense of assurance.

Lesson two: it is important to establish rules, and sometimes, the really simple ones do the trick.

Pointer finger up means listen and be quiet.
Two fingers up means sit up straight.
Three fingers up means raise your hand.

Simple, and you can even make a game out of the rules!

Lesson three: When teaching preschool kids, competition and punishments for losing a game are no-nos. You cannot pit them against one another, and if you decide to give away prizes, everyone must receive one.

Lesson four: When teaching about the blood of Christ washing away out sins, you can use Soap as an illustration. You bathe with soap everyday to keep clean. You cannot use soap only once a week and expect to remain clean and fragrant. The blood of Christ is like the soap that washed away our sins. But unlike it, Christ’s action is a permanent thing and has a permanent effect.

Lesson five: Memory verse drills!

Our facilitator taught us several ways to make Bible verse memorization fun. Here are some of them.

– do a particular action when you recite a word that starts with letter __ . For example, stand when you read words that starts with letter H. So when you recite John 3:16, you will stand on all the H words “for God so love the world that HE gave us HIS only begotten Son that who so ever believes in HIM shall it perish but HAVE everlasting life. ” after one letter, you can opt to change letter or add one more, depending on the capability of your class!

– ask your listeners to do a motion (ie jumping jacks). Then say “freeze” and make them recite the verse in their frozen state.

– one volunteer will be ‘it’. Everyone will read the verse and clap on one particular missing word, and the volunteer will have to guess what word that is.

– stop and go signs. Partners face each other with the stop sign in between them, and take turns in reciting the memory verse, continuing each other’s words or phrases.

A lot of new things! May you also be edified by what I shared with you today!

For more information, visit CEF’s website at http://www.cefphilippines.org/index.htm

Our church’s Sunday School ministry is also on a lookout for volunteer teachers and assistants. For more information, you can call Sister Luz Cristobal at Jubilee Church Office, telephone number (+632) 7214085.

Marie Jimeno and Noel Mendez, the very able CEF trainers who helped us improve our teaching skills.

Christian representatives from various churches and denominations, united under one universal God.

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  1. This is so applicable in our churches today… Specially the staying behind as opposed to going in front out of peer pressure or impulse….


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