How To Drive Loyal Customers Away


(possibly) the last picture of our group to be taken in this venue

This blog was a first-hand experience and this was pertaining to one specific food establishment.

For around one year already, our regular Bible study group met every Wednesday night in the famous red and yellow fast food chain along Wilson, Greenhills. Let’s call that place M. Why meet at M’s, you may ask. Ample parking was available, the site was favorable to the members, and they were open 24 hours. Food was affordable and the place was not too noisy. At the beginning, we were happy with M. We gathered every Wednesday on the second floor, from 8:15pm to 10pm and we could sometimes see cell groups from other churches meeting there as well. I believe some of my companions looked forward to our night of fellowship, making it an excuse to indulge in occasional cholesterol-laden fries.

But, as of last Wednesday, our group have reached an informal consensus not to meet there anymore.

Some of the reasons why:

1. They would sometimes turn the volume of their music up, in the middle of our Bible Study (though we were the only ones left on the second floor).

click this video link for the proof!

2. More often than not, at around 9pm, they would turn off the aircon, leaving us with no ventilation (even when they said that the venue was open 24 hours).

3. At around that same time, they would noisily put all the tables and chairs to the side and start cleaning the floor — when we were still in the area.

These were all not-so-subtle hints, pushing us to stop hanging around that place. Financially, I could understand it. Maybe the manager was thinking on behalf of its owner–saving electricity or something. However, their manner of doing it was quite rude and unfriendly to their customers. They could have talked to us and gently told us to move downstairs. They could have told us that they were closing the second floor already at this particular hour or something. I was so put off by this rudeness, and that’s why I have decided to write this blog about it and send it to M’s directors and managers.

FYI, ours was a group of 8 to 15 people, and we always ordered food when we meet. I believe we remained polite to their staff and returned the chairs and tables to their proper place after using them. Some of us even threw away trash instead of leaving them on the table.

Just venting out. Hmph!

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  1. Wow I didn’t realize how loud the music was til I listened to this. Really terrible and inexcusable behavior for a company I look up to.


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