My Most Embarrassing Moment


I lost myself. Blame it to temporary insanity.

This happened during the wedding of a family friend. We didn’t have work that day, so Fil and I attended their wedding celebration primarily to support my parents-in-law, who acted as principal sponsors. Most of the guests were my acquaintance, and we had fun sharing our table with family and friends.

Days before the wedding, I had teased Fil endlessly, about being the groom’s look-alike. I went on and on with my teasing, using variations of “you know how weird it is to see my husband getting married to someone else?” Fil just took them all in stride. I guess what happened that night was God’s way of punishing me for it.

The reception program, in my honest opinion, was disorganized. I remembered thinking how awkward it was when there were special friends speaking on stage, declaring their thoughts publicly to the newlyweds, and at the same time, the bride and groom were roaming around, having their pictures taken with the guests. But to give the hosts the benefit of doubt, they weren’t professionals, and their effort was a labor of love.

At one point of their program, Fil and I got called to take part in a game. I wonder why, because we hardly knew the newlyweds, and wedding games were usually reserved for friends who are close to the couple. Nevertheless, we braved our way to the front (party-poops, we are not!). The game was tricky. Fil and I were tied with a string around our waist (so we cannot separate), and our inner feet were tied with one balloon per person. The rules are complex: you had to step on other team’s balloon, you would be out of the game when your team’s balloons popped, and you could only win when you are the last pair standing with at least one “un-popped” balloon.

The game began. Instincts and self-preservation took over. My competitive side came out. I started attempting to step on other people’s balloon. Problem: I was wearing wedges, not heels, so my footwear was not sharp enough to affect the balloons. Then, other teams began to attack us and step on our balloons. What did I do? I screamed and screamed with that high-pitched voice of mine. Even without microphone, believe me, everyone in the ballroom heard me. Thinking “on my toes”, I dragged Fil on stage (the game was in the dance floor below the stage) to “hide”. We went around the cake table carefully, and it was during that time when their cake topper fell down the ground! Fil and I didn’t touch the cake table at all , but maybe our footsteps made the table wobble…I don’t know. But what I clearly remembered was that the head of one of the topper got separated from its body. To make things worse, the video camera was following us, capturing all the shameful things we just experienced.

Then we went back down to the dance floor, and it was only then that it occurred to me to simply let others win and let the other teams step on my remaining balloon (Fil lost his a while back). So, that’s what we did, and the game was quickly over after it.

I walked back to our table, hiding behind Fil, somewhat lighter, because I just lost my dignity and self-control.

I couldn’t sleep that night. It was simply by far, the worst experience ever.

Of course, I can laugh about it– at times. But I still feel bad when other people tease me or Fil about this incident.

Note to self: it is ok to lose a (stupid) game!

Here are pics I got from the newlyweds when they tagged be in Facebook:








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