Last day of 2011


How did you spend your last day of 2011? In bed until you need to wake up for the fireworks? Doing last-minute cooking for the family? Playing computer games or watching the latest TV series? Out of town to escape the smoke?

Let me tell you about how I spent mine. I went to Tagaytay together with Fil, my parents-in-law, brother-in-law Ben, and sister-in-law Katrina. My other two brothers-in-law could not go with us. We stayed in View Point Hotel, in a newly built building and occupied two newly fixed rooms. The hotel, being owned by Fil’s uncle, also hosted Fil’s other relatives from the States. They had one grand reunion the night before.

Fil and his side of the family decided to go to the beach the morning of Dec 31. I opted to stay behind and sleep until noon. Then, I woke up and decided to explore Tagaytay on my own.

I took a tricycle outside the hotel, and went to Java Jazz. The tricycle charged me P10 for the ride.


The coffee shop was cozy. I had been there with Fil, Darlene and Derrick before, and I remembered the yummy Pandesal with Kesong Puti we ordered last time, so that’s what I ordered. It was the perfect place to be alone, the perfect spot to reflect about everything that has happened in 2011.


That was exactly what I did not do. Instead, I spent my time working on my script for our very first corporate party for the year 2012. I am excited about it actually. Fil and I will dress up as Angels and Devils. 😛

Afterwards, I went to my favorite Ukay place. Again, I won’t tell you where it is, but I wish to boast about all my wonderful purchases there.

There was a new Ukay place within the vicinity and being alone, I had time to visit all the ukay shops there — three of them — and scrutinize the items. I felt like a little girl rummaging for hidden treasures inside a big cave!
I spent five hours and bought 20 articles of clothing for a total of P2,120.

These are the clothes I bought from the first store, all for P580:

1. Black spaghetti strap for P84

2. Pink Agatha B. blouse for P84

3. Khaki Mixsense t-shirt for P84

4. Grey Esprit shirt for P105

5. Black Rayon skirt for P84

6. Black Disney slacks for P140

Then I went to the next store and only got four articles of clothing. The items were nice but a bit expensive, since all were “new arrivals”. I spent P600 in this store.

1. Black Sinequanone dress shirt for P150

2. Blue ParcoXchange coat for P150

3. White Zara Basic shirt for P150

4. White Maggje sweater with hello kitty design for P150

It was during this time when Fil, Ben, Katrina and my father-in-law joined me in my quest. They also explored the stores and bought a lot of items.

Now for the last ukay store I visit, I got ten articles of clothing, exceeded my budget and spent P940 in all.

1. Buddha pants, Unico long skirt and Nittaku house shorts — 3 for P100

2. Black Bershka C pants for P140

3. Blue Zara Man Long Sleeves Polo for P100

4.Khaki Alice Silk Chinese blouse for P100

5. Black Genie Generation Chinese-inspired blouse for P100

6. Black Baby Dream t-shirt for P100

7. Blue-green EDC dress shirt for P10020120103-113203.jpg

8. Yellow Urban Now Overcoat for P200 — best buy!

I am quite sure that these new purchases won’t fit in my closet anymore. I guess it’s time for me to get rid of my four Makati Hope blue shirts 🙂

Going back to my last day story, We had our New Year’s Eve dinner that night in Hawaiian Barbecue. It was yummy! we ordered their famous ribs, corn on the cob, Hawaiian chicken soup, and beef stew.


We went back to the hotel and played Monopoly deal. When it was 1130pm, we joined the rest of the relatives and hotel guests and watched the fireworks. I hid in the lobby for I didn’t like the noise level.

That was it.


this is me with my very pretty, nice, and single sister-in-law, Katrina


Happy New Year!

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  1. All in all, I enjoyed Tagaytay very much. This holiday season spent with both our relatives makes me appreciate the people in our lives. 🙂 enjoyed monopoly deal too 😀


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